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Our goal: to be "Best in Class in Compliance and Integrity" internationally and a role model for German SMEs on the basis of our effective corporate compliance management system. Based on an ongoing analysis of corporate compliance risks to the Ferrostaal Group, in our business units we place special emphasis individually on the fields of anti-corruption / antitrust, privacy and data protection, export control as well as corporate security.


An effective corporate compliance management system

Every corporate management must ensure that employees comply with the law and with any applicable ordinances and standards, as well as company-internal regulations, in order to prevent the company from suffering damage. At Ferrostaal, a suitable and effective corporate compliance management system was implemented and has been continuously developed ever since.

The requirements that Ferrostaal has with regard to the system meet the highest international standards of compliance - such as those set forth in the "Six Principles" of the UK Bribery Act of 2010 and IDW PS 980, further elaborated in decisions of German courts. The directives and processes derived from these standards provide corporate management, managers and employees with "guardrails" in order to ensure correct and responsible conduct in the exercise of their professional duties.













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