Trade finance, export finance and project finance solutions around the globe

We are specialised on structuring and providing trade finance, export finance and project finance solutions for transactions around the globe. In this context we work hand in hand with our finance experts from Ferrostaal Capital. Focusing on the specific requirements of our customer‘s business activities, we arrange financing packages for the short-, medium- and long term. With our in-depth knowledge of structured and project financing, we also realize large-scale and capital-intensive projects.

In order to offer you highly competitive and advantageous financing terms we utilise innovative financing techniques. Futrhermore, we closely co-operate with international banks, supranational financial institutions and export credit agencies as well as the private insurance markets .

With our dedicated team of professionals and wealth of experience we are uniquely positioned to manage your finance requirements. Our team of financial, technical and legal experts provides for tailor-made financing solutions, which could be corporate financing, limited resource project financing (on-balance), non-resource project financing (off-balance), financial lease (on-balance) or operational lease (off-balance).

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Dedicated Financial Products:

Project -and Structured Finance

Expot Finance/ Buyer's Credits

Trade Finance

Syndicated trade loans

Generally, syndicated trade loans (STL) entail unsecured short to medium-term financing for banks and corporates without any material structural characteristics. BJN participates in STLs both bilaterally and in international syndicates.


Personally committed to clear finance solutions


Participations may be disclosed or non-disclosed, funded or unfunded – in either the primary or the secondary market – and primarily focusing on the EMEA (Asia,Europe, Middle East, Africa) region.


In addition to conventional STLs, BJN is also involved in co-financing with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and other multinational organisations. With these products, BJN attaches importance to the preferred creditor status of the co-financing organisation in order to mitigate risk as far as possible.



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