BJN Investment and Trade Company was established in 2005 by BJN Company. The main mission of this company is to solve the concerns of the valuable human resources of Farab group by gaining benefits and utilizing its existing value added in business environments both inside and outside the country in favor of their capitals and savings. By adopting such policies while establishing an entrepreneurial and dynamic organization, the company can fulfill the short-term and long-term benefits of shareholders. the scope of its activities are as below:

  • Providing human resources
  • Supplying machineries
  • Mining
  • Civil projects
  • Finance, capital and stock exchange market
  • Business and trading
  • Services

EPC at its best


When the project development has been successfully finalized and financial close is achieved, time is of the essence. Thus, it is important that all agreements with partners for the EPC execution, such as technology partners and EPC consortia members, are duly prepared and executable. Ferrostaal Industrial Projects manages all EPC activities. For projects with certain characteristics we also act as general contractor ourselves while for others consortia will be formed.

We can provide four key success factors. Those are the technological understanding for processes, the country know-how, the local partner networks as well as our EPC experience. With our EPC competence and procurement skills we can provide the customer a complete service for a lump sum realization of an industrial project.

Therefore, we verify the client’s requirements, prepare general and specific terms and conditions of the purchase, develop specific procedures for the individual projects and arrange the issue tender documents. Next to this, we expedite bids, recommend suppliers, co-ordinate pre-award meeting and negotiate the terms and conditions for the project. For the expediting and inspection, we can also provide a wide range of services, as for example the selection of reliable suppliers. Furthermore, we arrange everything around the shipping. With our decades of experience we can assure and arrange fast and economical transport and everything that comes with shipping as for example the preparation of shipping and customs documents.

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