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Clinker Production, Cement Manufacturing, Laboratory Automation

BJN Industrial Solutions is one of the few full-range EU suppliers for the cement industry – from individual machines, all the way up to complete plants. We also have compelling solutions for the modernisation of existing systems. We have unique expertise in the field of process engineering. In accordance with customer-specific requirements, we develop innovative machinery, technologies and processes to create intelligent production lines.

From the planning process, to construction, to the commissioning of plants, our clients have a single contact person. This accelerates procedures, prevents conflicts of interests, and ensures fast and trouble-free commissioning.

The trend in the global cement industry is moving towards the awarding of turnkey orders: from individual grinding plants to entire production lines.

Thanks to the application of ultra-modern production processes, our plants protect resources and the environment and guarantee plant owners maximum productivity and economy of operatio

Clinker Production,  Cement Manufacturing, Laboratory Automation



Green cement plants:                 Our visio.                   Your decision.

  • What is green cement?

    Green cement stands for a greener and more sustainable cement production and can be part of the solution to counteract climate change and to manage urbanization and globalization as the key challenges of our times.

    Cement is the key ingredient that shapes our environment. It is the reason why tower blocks, car parks, and walls can be built with concrete, but also impressive buildings like the Burj Khalifa and the Pantheon in Rome. We use concrete to protect ourselves, to feel save and have shelter and to form the nature by building bridges and dams.

  • Why is it important for cement to become green?

  • In 2016, the world produced 2.2 billion tons of cement and it is expected that amount could increase by a billion tons by 2050. On top is concrete the second most used material on our planet after water. If you imagine the cement industries would be a country, it would be the third largest CO2 emitter worldwide. Only China and the US emit more. This shows the tremendous impact of cement production on the environment. The production of cement therefore carries an extremely poor ecological footprint.


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