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Shipyard consulting


Ship engineering we( BJN) provide service ship engineering and design of general cargo, bulk carrier and tanker as well as RO-RO, container and LNG vessel&LPG vessel
We also get service shipyard consulting as below process and manner.


Ship Engineering

Input data & customer’s requirement from the customer

Stage I : Conceptual planning
Stage II : Operational Planning
Stage III : Shipyard Construction
Stage IV : Shipyard Operation and training



BJN OEM cranes, port machineries, bulk material offshore equipment etc

BJN is a professional OEM contractor for steel structures ranging from cranes, port machineries, bulk material handling system, offshore equipment, etc. It can run projects which perfectly meet requirements of DIN (eg.DIN 1880-7, DIN15018), EN ISO (eg. EN ISO 3834-2, EN1090), ASTM, CWB (CSA W47.1) and AS standards. Capabiliaties of high-quality performance and timely deliveries have won recognition from customers home and abroad.


Wind  power plant

Shipbuilding equipment and Cranes and we are one of the leading company for engineering and supplying Wind power plant in the world today. As a well-known EPC contractor, BJN provides high quality EPC plants and equipment such as Power and Energy plant, Oil and Gas Plant and Wind power plant to many countries. Our goal is to provide advanced, efficient, qualified equipment with the lowest cost to our worldwide customers.
     Wind Tower                          Main Shaft                              Flange



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Das Schönste an diesem Text ist, was Sie daraus machen!




Das Schönste an diesem Text ist, was Sie daraus machen!



Construction Design & Engineering Equipment

  • Concrete  Works Equipment
  • Earth Works Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Fabrication &  Erection Equipment
  • Support Equipment
  • Curing, Dewatering & Testing Equipment
  • laboratory Assessment
  • Computer Aided Design,Manufacturing & Engineering System CAD/CAM/CAE

Towing Tank Test Facility    BJN, Ltd. provides a variety of devices and facilities for testing in towing tank. We reflect the customer's requirements and customize the specifications of the device. In addition, we design, develop and supply new equipment according to customer's demand.

Erfahrung! Zuverlässigkeit! Kompetenz!

Towing Tank 

Trim Tank
Towing Carriage System)
Rail System
Electric & Control System


Wave Generation System
Wave Absorber System
Wind Generation System
Current Generation System
HPMM, Horizontal Planar Motion Mechanism
VPMM, Vertical Planar Motion Mechanism
Movable Bottom
Water Filtering System
Overhead Gantry Crane
Measuring Device for Test
Deep pit


Partners/ Subcontractors

  • Project Development
  • Project Integration
  • Integration of Partners
  • Project Financing
  • Export Financing
  • Financing partners 
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Certified Projectmanagment


BJN Engineering is a leading technology partner for plant engineering and construction worldwide.
EPC+Financing, BOO, BOT, IMOO
More BJN Group Segments
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Plants
  • Hydrogen and Synthesis Gas Plants
  • Natural Gas Treatment
  • Liquefaction of Natural Gas
  • Air Separation Plants
  • Adsorption Plants
  • Power Plants
  • LPG Terminal
  • LNG Terminal,Oil & Gas
  • Cement Mill
  • Life Sciences Business
  • Aircraft Leasing



Through the network of BJN offices you

benefit from short communication lines combined with local and international
expertise. Additionally, the multidisciplinary character of our organization
ensures a flexible structure, providing you services fully geared to your
specific project requirements.


We BJN offer wide range of Industry solutions and project Financing:
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BJN GC GmbH HonKong Strasse 156

Single machines & machine lines incl. export financing for environmental technology, packaging, power plant ,Industries & more


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