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Steam reforming of hydrocarbons is a well-established process for the generation of synthesis gas, hydrogen etc. The steam reforming process comprises the high temperature reaction of methane or higher hydrocarbons over a catalyst to produce hydrogen and carbon monoxide in accordance with the following reaction equation:

CnH2n+2 + nH2 nCO + (2n +1)H2

The reforming takes place in tubes packed with catalyst and arranged vertically in gas-fired steam reformers. A nickel catalyst is used and applied to a supporting structure. The operating conditions of the steam reformer vary depending on the application, with temperatures ranging from 740 °C to 950 °C and pressures of up to 50 bar. This wide range of operating conditions necessitates a versatile reformer design.

The reformer design has stood the acid test of performance over the past decades, satisfying the demands of various applications. Developments in all areas of concern have resulted in a high degree of all-around reliability. Consequently, many customers use the Uhde Reformer Technology.


With more than four decades of experience in the design and construction of urea plants, TK Solutions is regarded as one of the top international contractors in this field. We have access to the leading urea technologies, such as:

  • CO2 stripping processes, Stamicarbon, The Netherlands
  • Fluid bed granulation technologies by UFT, former Yara, and ST, both The Netherlands 

In conjunction with our partners, we continually search for innovative technologies to enhance our portfolio and to offer our customers state-of-the-art technology.

CO2 stripping processes

The carbon dioxide stripping process first introduced by Stamicarbon in the 1960s has undergone significant improvement in the last ten years, resulting in the innovative Stamicarbon Urea 2000plusTM technology and it’s latest improvement to the AVANCORE process.

As BJN is an approved engineering partner of German Leding TK Company, our customers can now seize the opportunity to take advantage of this latest technology:

  • Urea 2000plus technology with pool condenser
  • Urea 2000plus technology with pool reactor
  • Urea AVANCORE technology with low elevation arrangement 

The pool condenser is basically a horizontal high-pressure carbamate condenser with a submerged U-tube bundle. It combines the function of the falling film-type carbamate condenser with part of the reactor function of the conventional CO2stripping process.
The horizontal pool reactor further simplified the urea synthesis section by reducing the number of high-pressure components from four to two.

If desired, we can also supply the conventional Stamicarbon CO2 stripping process with standard falling film-type carbamate condenser. BJN Cooperation withThyssenKrupp can be offered



Fluid bed granulation technology

With the acquisition of the exclusive licence rights for the fluid bed urea granulation technology from Yara Fertilizer Technology, Uhde Fertilizer Technology (UFT) has taken over the full rights for this outstanding granulation technology. This technology has been applied in more than 60 plants and is our recommendation for our customers, who desire top class urea product. In addition, the unique exhaust gas cleaning technologies available exclusively from UFT allow the most environmentally friendly production worldwide available

Other granulation technologies can be offered by ThyssenKrupp on demand. 






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