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Ammonia & Urea – fertiliser plants for better harvests





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Ammonia & Urea – fertiliser plants for better harvests

Its name is synonymous with first-class technologies which are subject to constant refinement as well as excellent management skills for large-scale projects, modern international procurement strategies in a global market and decades of experience in all four corners of the globe. The company is therefore in a position to offer its customers throughout the world optimum solutions for maximum cost efficiency, reliability and environmental compatibility.


  • Steam reforming
  • Ammonia
  • Urea

Industrial Solutions has been involved in the design and construction of ammonia plants and has played a leading role in the development of ammonia technology.

Throughout the years, ammonia plant technology has undergone permanent radical developments in terms of both design and equipment. In order to improve plant efficiency, efforts have had to be focused on reducing power consumption, improving process heat recovery, minimising stack losses and cutting energy consumption for CO2 removal.

Equally important has been the enhancement of plant operability and reliability. Hence, much attention has been paid to past successful experience and proven energy-saving features.

In 1998,  Industrial Solutions joined forces with Synetix, now Johnson Matthey, to further improve the ammonia process. This partnership builds on the traditional strengths of the two companies and takes advantage of  know-how in catalysis, ammonia plant operation and support services together with Our's experience in design, engineering and project execution. The partnership allows strong collaboration between BJN and TK Industrial Solutions engineers so that the ammonia process can be further optimised to take best advantage of the latest high-performance catalysts improving efficiency and lowering cost.




















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