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BJN General Contractor Member of  BJN GROUP

Our systems programme for seed preparation:

Professional preparation for a higher yield

The preparation of different kinds of seed to attain maximum pressing results is a science in its own right. And this is where you can profit from our many years of experience. Whether the sensitive seed is being prepared by mechanical or thermal means, the decisive factor lies in correct design and selection of the system whilst taking procedural and qualitative aspects into consideration, this is crucial to the overall result and, ultimately, to your economic success.

Oilseed preparation

    Drum conditioner

  • For thermal preparation of oilseed before the pressing process
  • Especially for full-press systems and smaller pre-press systems
  • Manufactured according to internationally-recognised standards
  • Indirect heating via double jacket and heatable shaft
  • Mechanically simple design
  • Very uniform treatment of product
  • Good mixing thanks to special agitator
  • Very good drying effect
  • Large aspiration opening
  • Variable filling level, adjustment during operation
  • Option for direct injection of water and steam
  • Tube-bundle conditioner
  • For thermal preparation of oilseed before the pressing process
  • Especially for large throughput pre-press systems
  • Also extremely suitable for thermal preparation of split soybeans
  • Manufactured according to internationally-recognised standards
  • Rotary tube-bundle machine
  • Indirect heating of the tube-bundle
  • Mechanically simple and robust design
  • Very low electrical drive power
  • Very good drying effect
  • Large aspiration opening
  • Different construction lengths planned

    Flaking mill

  • For mechanical preparation of oilseed before the pressing process
  • Flaking of fine or pre-ground oilseeds
  • Extremely robust design
  • Low vibration thanks to high deadweight
  • Very good intake behaviour thanks to large diameter of rollers
  • Uniform feeding of seed thanks to vibration chute
  • Simple drive system through separate motors
  • Low differential speed rolls
  • Compact design through integrated engine base

    Oil recovery and oil refining: innovative process technology


    BJN & Co offers process technology for the recovery and refining of nearly all vegetable and animal oils and fats, as well as oil refining for press oil clarification, degumming, neutralization, dewaxing, fractionation and soapstock splitting. Our technologies are also used for the production of high-quality biodiesel.

    BJN & Co centrifugal separation technology, concentration installations and drying technologies offer guarantee maximum yields at any scale of production. Our years of experience in the field of recovering and processing raw materials that contain oil mean that we have extensive process know-how at all production stages. In addition to providing advanced individual machines, we can supply entire process lines, or even design and implement complete, customized installations. Our system solutions meet the needs of each specific production task, and ensure extremely efficient and reliable overall processes. Consuming minimum quantities of water and energy, our systems can also make an important contribution to economic success.


Partners/ Subcontractors

  • Project Development
  • Project Integration
  • Integration of Partners
  • Project Financing
  • Export Financing
  • Financing partners 
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Certified Projectmanagment


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expertise. Additionally, the multidisciplinary character of our organization
ensures a flexible structure, providing you services fully geared to your
specific project requirements.


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